Native Oak Trees


Native Oak Tree Links and Information about Native Plants

California Oak Foundation's FAQs--anyone responsible for the care of a native oak should know this stuff by heart!

Coast live oak --detailed botanical and ecology information from the Fire Effects Information database.

Sudden oak death --a press release article from UC Berkeley.

Wood Structure --an interesting article on wood anatomy and structure includes a micrograph of coast live oak wood.

Sudden oak death--A Marin county site.

Oak tree photos- -Part of the UC Berkeley database. Local resources for planting around native oak trees include:

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

• Caroline Park, Redlands, near Sunset and Mariposa. This native plant park exists, in large part, because of Dr. Harold Hill, who might be seen donating his time doing maintenance at the park in the cool of the mornings.

• Mockingbird nursery, 1670 Jackson,Riverside.(909)780-3571

• Water department demonstration garden on the north side of Alessandro, west of the 215 freeway, Riverside.