For Sale



40 5GAL SIZE BIRD OF PARADISE, Strelitzia reginae

32 4" pot Haworthia fasciata

125 various sizes SAGO PALM, Cycas revoluta

Available April 15--bud and bloom May 15th through June 10 approx.

200 4" & 6" pot or hanging pot PEANUT CACTUS ,Chamaecereus sylvestri

Peanut cactus are in FULL BLOOM in May. Click on photo to enlarge.

In propagation

We are now taking orders for these varieties. We will stick most of our cuttings when night temperatures stay above 65 degrees. We have a small area with bottom heat which we will start earlier.

Liners will be ready to move into #1 to #3 "gallon" containers 4 to 6 weeks after we stick the cuttings.

7 new striking crapemyrtle varieties patented by Dr. Carl Whitcomb (the photos don't really do the plants justice) You should come by our yard to see them when they are in full bloom in July and August.

Image Image

Red Rocket and Dynamite are true red color varieties. So called red crapemyrtles by others are pink in comparison. Siren Red is absolutely stunning--an oxblood red--I am really impressed. Burgundy Cotton is also impressive. At first I thought the flowers to be not as full and large as I had expected. They are huge and white, against the dark, purplish green leaves. When the weather cools off a little, the giant clusters turn the very lightest pink--like cotton candy. Pink Velour is also striking with its tight and full clusters of shrill pink--they appear almost fluorescent against the dark green and wine colored leaves. Fall color on all the varieties is a bright orange-red with some purplish leaves.

All the Whitcomb varieties will be sold in 72 cell trays for $1.05 each, or $75.60 per tray on a contract basis of at least 10 trays. All trays are of a single variety. Price includes $.50 for royalty and $.05 for the plant patent tag.

You are invited to come to our yard to see our stock plants when they are in bloom. They bloomed from July through late October, with the best blooms in August and September.



Cranberry Punch hardy hibiscus by Carl Whitcomb. We have stock plants and intend to propagate.

Dyckia, a xerophytic terrestrial bromeliad with purplish leaves and bright, clear orange flowers.

On request, we can also produce moderate quantities of
2 species of Gasteria and
Aloe aristata,
and limited quantities of Aloe nobilis from stock plants on hand.


Order now for winter bare root season

BARE ROOT FRUIT TREES from Orange County wholesale Nursery. We will order direct from the grower for you. We order 1" trees. Available are: peaches, plums, apricots, grapes, persimmons, fruiting mulberry, figs, pomegranites, and some shade trees are available, too.

We prefer to sell 1" (one inch) trunk caliper trees. These are much larger and stronger than the 3/8" to ¾" trees that are available bare-root in nurseries and home centers.

How to order from us:

Look over our descriptive list and decided what you want to plant. One inch diameter trees come in bundles of 5. Smaller diameter trees come in bundes of 10. Grapes come in bundles of 25. Dwarf peaches and nectarines come in bundles of 5.

The list of varieties that I will order will be posted by the end of October. I can order other varieties by special request.

Please call me toll free at 888-666-8733 , or send me an e-mail and I will fax or e-mail you a list of varieties you can order by special request.

Tree Service Byproducts

Fire wood

Eucalyptus, pine, and mixed hardwood. When available, we can pick out certain species for cooking purposes at your request.
Price per cord for pick up at our yard in Muscoy is $165 for Eucalyptus, $150 for pine and mixed wood. Small quantities available for $5 and up.

Chips & Mulch

Our disk chipper usually produces a very fine screen size chip which is excellent for mulching around landscape and garden plants, for erosion control on slopes, and for weed control on bare ground.
Mulch is available FREE for pickup at the yard (we provide the fork--you scoop). Delivery within 3 miles of our regular route, of one load of 5 to 10 (or 13) cubic yards of fresh mulch, already on the truck, is $20.


Many urban trees are sources of beautiful wood. We are currently looking for Carolina Cherry, large deodar cedar, large diameter mulberry trees (24"+) with at least 8 ft of clear trunk, fruit tree wood, burly growths of any species, and large(24" diameter+), sound, straight-trunked trees of many species.
The intention here, is to salvage valuable lumber that would otherwise be made into firewood--NOT to harvest viable amenity trees. A colleague arborist in Riverside has just acquired a wood mizer band mill. He can some to your site and mill your trees into lumber.
We currently have about 450 board feet of 1" and 1 พ by 12" wide, 9 to 10 ft long, silk oak, Grevillea robusta. Interested wood workers should come by and make an offer.