Fire wood--Eucalyptus, pine, and mixed hardwood. When available, we can pick out certain species for cooking purposes at your request.

Price per cord for pick up at our yard in Muscoy is $165 for Eucalyptus, $150 for pine and mixed wood. Small quantities available for $5 and up
Chips & Mulch--Our disk chipper usually produces a very fine screen size chip which is excellent for mulching around landscape and garden plants, for erosion control on slopes, and for weed control on bare ground.

Mulch is available FREE for pickup at the yard (we provide the fork--you scoop). Delivery within 3 miles of our regular route, of one load of 5 to 10 (or 13) cubic yards of fresh mulch, already on the truck, is $20
Lumber--Many urban trees are sources of beautiful wood. We are currently looking for Carolina Cherry, large deodar cedar, large diameter mulberry trees (24"+) with at least 8 ft of clear trunk, fruit tree wood, burly growths of any species, and large(24" diameter+), sound, straight-trunked trees of many species.
The intention here, is to salvage valuable lumber that would otherwise be made into firewood--NOT to harvest viable amenity trees. A colleague arborist in Riverside has just acquired a wood mizer band mill. He can some to your site and mill your trees into lumber.
We currently have about 450 board feet of 1" and 1 by 12" wide, 9 to 10 ft long, silk oak, Grevillea robusta. Interested wood workers should come by and make an offer.

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